Chessington World of Adventure - Closed


The whole family can become intrepid explorers at Chessington World of Adventures Resort! Trek unchartered lands including new Land of the Tiger where endangered Amur tigers roam above you in Europe’s first overhead trails, and don’t forget to make a splash at Tiger Rock – the exhilarating log flume ride in the Land.

Journey on thrilling rides with a flight of fright on Vampire, a soaring spin on Dragon’s Fury or take a daring trip into Africa on ZUFARI!

Discover exotic and endangered animals above and below the seas. Walk among jungle giants such as lions and tigers in Trail of the Kings, or get lost beneath the waves in the SEA LIFE centre in an undersea empire full of sharks, rays, and jellyfish. Meet monkeys, greet giraffes and roam with rhinos.  

Make yours an overnight adventure in one of Chessington’s themed Hotels - embark on a quest for treasure in the Azteca, journey into the Savannah in the Safari or for the truly fearless, sleep under the stars at Explorer Glamping.